The Tarantula Warriors are preparing the ground for planting. They are weeding so they could plant. They are growing purple and green climbing beans. Their favourite part of the activitiy is getting their hands dirty and they like it. They think that the easy part is putting the seed in the ground. The hard part is pulling weeds out with the roots on. Written by Lampstand and Kenan 3F

The Snapdragon Knights are pulling out roots from the ground to make it clean. The group said it is a stressful thing to do. The group has learned a lot abut snails. Written by Disha 3F

The Legendary Lizards are weeding around strawberries. The group's favourite thing is pulling out weeds. The group has learned that strawberries need lots of space for growing. Written by Disha 3F

This week in gardening class the Grade 1s started learning about minibeasts that we might find in the school garden. We started off by reading a fun book called 'Some Bugs' by Angela DiTerlizzi (Author) and Brendan Wenzel (Illustrator), before we had a talk about snails. Mrs McGregor drew a picture of a snail on the board and we learned what the different body parts are called and what snails use them for. Did you know that a snail has eyeballs on the end of it's long tentacles, and their ribbon-like tongue is covered with thousands of tiny teeth? We then went on a snail hunt in the garden, looking under leaves and in dark damp places where snails might be hiding. After we collected some snails we got a chance to get a good close up look at them which was fascinating!


Wednesday 26th October

Liveability of Melbourne

Year 7 students will have a guided tour of the city looking at the liveability of the city, including urban regeneration, community and place liveability as well as environmental, social, economic, cultural and infrastructure that make Melbourne the most liveable city.

Thursday 27th October

Year 9 - MTTS - Trees Adventure

This is part of the MTTS curriculum designed at developing team work and group co-operation skills through outdoor activities.

Step into Prep Session 2 of 4

Children enrolled for prep in 2017 attend the college for a school readiness program.

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