Events 2016

Thursday 28 April

Yr 9 MTTS - Indoor Rock climbing and Orienteering

As part of the Mountains to the Sea elective we arrange a variety of outdoor activities providing students with the opportunity to experience different adventurous activities.

Friday 29 April

City of Casey Youth Summit

This youth summit will help young people to identify major barriers and challenges for the youth in the City of Casey and provides a platform for them to voice their thoughts in improving the City of Casey and become leaders in the community.

Monday 2 May

Year 9 Police Presentation Session

To educate students on the rights and responsibilities with the police in regards to theft and assault. Civics and citizenships education.

Tuesday 3 May

VCE English SAC 2

VCE English SAC will be taken simultaneously by all five classes

Wednesday 4 May

Battle of the Bands Senior

Tech students will be running sound. Music students will be performing in competition.

Thursday 5 May

2016 Athletics Carnival

Year 7 to 10 Students participate in the Secondary school athletics carnival

Friday 5 May

District Cross Country Primary School

Students who have been selected for the District Cross Country Team will compete in the Hampton Park District competition.

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